Saturday, June 19, 2010

Do Corporations Get Away With Murder?

Literally, do corporations get away with murder as a cost of doing business? In the analysis between the cost to make a product more safe, or their employee's work environment more safe, do corporation make the cost-benefit-analysis that it is cheaper to pay the cost of a customer's, or employee's, death versus pay the additional cost to make their products more safe, or their employee's work environment safer, thereby getting away with murder?

If the answer to this questions is "yes", then shouldn't there be more criminal investigations, and charges, when a customer of a company's product, or employee of a company, dies from using that company's product, or employee who dies on the job? In my opinion, there is a case for pre-meditation, thereby a charge of pre-meditated murder by the company, or corporation.

If a company, or corporation, makes the choice, of life or death, based on their cost-benefit-analysis, and chosing the less costly, more profitable decision of not paying more for safety, then that is a case for pre-meditated murder. A person's life, or death, should never be at the end of any company's, or corporation's, decision whether to pay for additional safe of their product, or their employee's work environment.

My question (s) to you is: What is your opinion regarding this questions? Also, do you think corporations, currently, make these calculations when it comes to the sell of a product to customers, or involving their employee's work environment?

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